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How to make winning in eCommerce the new normal for CPG brands

20th August 2020 | 1:00pm EST
It's a race, not a marathon: How ready is your business to win in eCommerce?

Now, more than ever CPG businesses must have a ‘play to win’ eCommerce strategy in place that meets the fast evolving needs of changing online shopper behaviour, the switch to digital focused selling and the rise of new shopping formats. Business Owners must recognise the need to accelerate digital transformation roadmaps and condense timelines to win across eCommerce. It’s no longer a five year marathon, driving growth across two or three major online retailers. It’s become a sprint to deliver online sales growth and digital front line capability across multiple eCommerce touchpoints at scale. With actionable data and eCommerce expertise, however, brands can transition, adapt and grow at pace.

To win now and in future, CPG leaders need to have the ability to transition knowledge from front-line sales teams to online. Yet, many struggle to understand how to adapt to the new normal and build sustainable omni channel growth. So, how has eCommerce evolved? How do you measure your brands’ eCommerce performance? And how can you use digital shelf data to drive your eCommerce strategy?

Join e.fundamentals and a select group of industry thought leaders at this exclusive event to discuss the eCommerce framework and technologies needed to respond to these challenges and future proof your business for digital commerce growth.

Discussion Topics

The landscape has changed. CPGs need to move at an increased pace to get ahead and keep ahead. How are businesses planning on doing this?
How do they envision developing frameworks that build competitive advantage fast and sustainable online growth at scale?
How are businesses planning to equip frontline managers for the new normal?
How are CPGs planning on leveraging data to influence retailers strategies?
How have expectations of different shopper segments evolved and what experiences do they seek in the omnichannel?

Your Host

Thought Leader
John Maltman CEO, e.fundamentals
A successful career with blue-chip FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Asda Walmart) complemented with… Find out more
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