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Utilizing data driven insights to make smarter decisions despite disruption in your supply chain

17th July 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm BST
How are you continuing to meet the needs of your customer despite global supply chain disruptions?

COVID-19 has put tremendous pressure on global supply chains, yet the need to deliver products to those who need them, as quickly and efficiently as possible, has never been more critical. If you can’t deliver on the promise you made, you stand the risk of losing that customer and hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

If anything, the crisis has revealed, traditional processes can no longer support the demands and complexity of the modern global supply chain. Traditional supply chains are often based on static plans where data and technology can’t keep up and adjust in real-time to provide the transparency your customers need.  Now is the time to talk about intelligent, self-correcting supply chains with an integrated approach to help you break free from inventory visibility challenges and give your teams key insights to act faster and with confidence.

Join IBM and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss supply chain crisis management, how to see beyond “at hand” inventory and the resiliency to respond to disruption now and in the future.

Discussion Topics

How important is one version of the truth in your organisation?
Intelligent, self-correcting supply chains require an integrated approach.
Staying essential to customers with flexible fulfillment options.
Utilizing store inventory and vendor managed inventory to meet customer needs.
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