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Transformation & Cloud: how to orchestrate the implementation to optimize costs and benefits?

8th February 2021 | 9:30am - 11:00am CET

In a constantly changing world that represents an increased need for business adaptability, the cloud is now being recognised by business leaders globally as a crucial component for a successful digital transformation.

IT and infrastructure leaders are under more pressure than usual to not only determine an appropriate cloud strategy, but to understand how to use this strategy to drive cloud-enabled business success and digital transformation; demonstrating the shift in responsibility for organizational change.

The traditional silos of organizations and clouds is not responsive or flexible enough to satisfy both short and longer-term challenges, internally and externally; so is giving way to a more sophisticated cloud migration; an organizational choice that makes it possible to bring tangible benefits to both IT departments and organizations as a whole.

Many organizations are now viewing digital transformation as essential to their business viability, though significant challenges exist before organizations can realize the full potential of a digital transformation cloud strategy.

Discussion Topics

What is the main feedback, and questions, that come from CIOs who are faced with making the strategic choices around the cloud transformation?
What are the best-practices that have been put in place within organizations worldwide?
What roles have been played or will be played in order to implement a technological transformation?

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