Technology - Virtual Roundtable

The new realities of data and recovery readiness

11th February 2021 | 1:00pm - 12:30pm EST
How are you securing your data and recovery?

Businesses thrive on data and with data continuously on the move, it’s imperative you and your team understand how to manage scale and change, learn to balance the talent crunch, and optimize your investments while maintaining security.

In the wake of an unavoidable global pandemic, natural catastrophe or, even more concerning, man-made disaster, are you prepared? Is your data ready to weather the storm of modern-day threats? Given the state of the industry, every organization now needs to be ready to recover the business.

Data readiness is a critical state in protecting the business. Increase confidence, trust, and partnership across stakeholders and reduce threat risks to the business. Failures will happen, but you and your organization can be better prepared to successfully operate through them, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Join Commvault’s Chief Technology Officer, Brian Brockway and Vice President of Strategy and Architecture, Ferrol Macon, and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how your organization can implement a best-fit data readiness and recovery strategy.

Discussion Topics

What challenges has COVID-19 unveiled when it comes to your organization’s data readiness?
Have new security threats increased the need for a data-driven security strategy?
How prepared are you for another unprecedented modern-day threat?

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Ferrol Macon Vice President, Architecture & Product Strategy, Veristor
Ferrol directs the go-to-market strategies and uncovers new partnership opportunities for Veristor. His passion lies not… Find out more
Thought Leader
Brian Brockway Chief Technology Officer, Commvault
Since 2015, Brian Brockway has been driving Commvault’s technology strategy, product innovation and integration expansion across… Find out more
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