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The future of banking – making it real

15th October 2020 | 1:00pm BST
How are you keeping pace with emerging technologies, rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations, and disruptive business models at your financial institution?

Consumers are demanding personalized digital experiences and if they don’t get what they want, they’ll take their business to the bank that will. However, financial institutions continue to struggle with outdated systems that block innovation and make it extremely difficult to remain competitive.

Robust, scalable, and flexible are mission-critical architecture features that could make or break your business. How are you leveraging the power of data and analytics to transform into a digital-first enterprise that is transparent, responsive, and engaged at every touchpoint on the customer journey? How can you adapt instantly to changing market conditions and regulatory requirements? How can you lead the cloud-enabled digital transformation necessary to make the future of banking a reality?

Join EPAM and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss becoming a truly agile enterprise to quickly deliver on customer products and services while streamlining processes and reducing costs.

Discussion Topics

What are the future banking trends and experiences that are driving innovation today?
What techniques are required to create these experiences? Do they exist today?
What approaches are being taken to introduce flexibility for incumbents or reduce barriers to entry for new entrants?
What will the end state be? Consolidation, more disruption, eventual status quo for incumbents?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Panos Archondakis Senior Director, Banking and Wealth Management , EPAM
Panos Archondakis is responsible for shaping and developing EPAM’s strategy for Banking and Wealth Management, tailoring… Find out more
Thought Leader
Tom Richer Vice President, Google Cloud Practice , EPAM
Tom Richer is a Vice President in EPAM’s Google Cloud Practice based out of their New… Find out more

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