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Simplifying data exchange: a key driver in digital transformation journey

18th August 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
How are you modernizing your B2B integration and managed file transfer environment to increase revenue and save time?

The future of business is built on a foundation of cross-organizational collaboration. Companies who engage well with their ecosystem partners are set to see significant improvements from, but not limited to, improved efficiency, cost reduction, innovation and customer service improvements.

As complex enterprise environments are growing, it demands simplified connectivity between external people, systems and data. To stay ahead, 84% of organizations will modernize their B2B connectivity in the next 24 months.

To simplify this complex B2B data exchange system, it is important to understand how you can

  • Streamline systems, process and tools to support your growing networks
  • Breakdown the siloes that prevent the flow of information across the business and drive data exchange
  • Speed up the onboarding of new partners while simultaneously fuelling collaboration between business

Join IBM Sterling to learn how to enable smart, frictionless and highly secure business-to-business connectivity using hybrid cloud and AI to drive innovation and extend the value of proven B2B collaboration solutions.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you experiencing when it comes to collaborating with businesses, networks and suppliers?
What steps have you taken to streamline systems, processes and tools to support your growing networks?
How are you supporting B2B data exchange between your networks, suppliers and other businesses?

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