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Sell smart: how to maximize selling time and activity

16th October 2020 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm BST
How can you improve predictability of the sales funnel?

As we continue to sail through unchartered waters into the future, keeping your sales team afloat and productive is not an easy task. Many organizations continue to face challenges such as lack of predictability of the sales funnel and inability to identify best practices in sales processes. So how can you improve productivity, hit your numbers, and save money?

The global company that offers eSignature, DocuSign, was looking to convert inefficiency into productivity. By partnering with a sales engagement platform, they saved more than 30 minutes a day per sales rep, resulting in increased pipeline. It also accelerated visibility into the full marketing and sales funnel.

As sales teams struggle with the new normal, how can you pave the way towards a more data-driven, operationally mature function? How can you identify and standardize top performing selling processes and behaviors to achieve repeatability and predictability? How can leveraging AI and ML in the sales process push your potential?

Join Outreach and a select group of industry executives to explore how technology, data science, and metrics support sellers and sales leaders in their search for predictable, repeatable revenue funnels.

Discussion Topics

Strategies for measuring optimizing sales behaviors and processes.
Looking beyond pure activity/quantity metrics.
The role of data science in sales.

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Anna Baird CRO, Outreach
Anna leads all revenue operations at Outreach. With a wealth of experience in finance and executive… Find out more
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