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Securing the future of work with cyber AI

5th March 2021 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm GMT
How are you responding to the next generation of cyber-attacks?

Global disruption has taught us that the only thing that is certain is that things will remain uncertain.

Business leaders need to remain confident that they can operate securely in the face of global events. Though parts of the world are re-opening, attackers have not slowed down and maybe even lying in wait to take advantage of the next disruption.

Traditional, static, legacy approaches to security consistently prove both unintelligent and ill-equipped to adapt. Organizations often find themselves undergoing a delicate balancing act—each new work practice and technology that is needed to adapt, evolve, or even grow also brings unforeseen risk.

Together, we’ll explore how Cyber AI allows organizations to achieve much-needed adaptability and resilience, ensuring both seamless transition and the ability to disrupt attacks in the earliest moments.

Join Darktrace and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss how Cyber AI enables businesses to continue communicating, operating, and innovating in the face of an uncertain present and future.

Discussion Topics

How are you defending your dynamic workforce?
How has your approach to security changed during the mass move to remote work?
What have been your main security concerns over the past few months?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Andrew Tsonchev Director of Technology, Darktrace
Andrew is a technical expert on cybersecurity and advises Darktrace’s strategic customers on advanced threat defense,… Find out more

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