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Reshaping your security operation centre (SOC) team in the wake of remote work

19th November 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
How to build a resilient SOC for today and the future?

The concept of the security operation centre (SOC) is still novel for many teams. Having analysts spend all their time managing security events and using consistent processes has its own challenges, therefore it’s imperative organizations can make their SOC as effective as possible in the face of adversaries, hackers, and cyber gangs.

High burnout among staff is the number one indicator that a problem exists and in fact, two in three security practitioners say it’s likely that SOC analysts will quit due to job stress (Ponemon Institute 2020).

This coupled with the mass movement to cloud transformation, which traditional security technologies were not designed for, can harm our SOC performance. Therefore, it’s vital leaders have sufficient talent, tools, and technology in place to be successful.

Join Devo Technologies and a select group of security experts to discuss how to identify common areas of analyst turnover and burnout, share recommendations for improving the culture of the SOC and learn measurements to validate improvements in SOC effectiveness.

Discussion Topics

How is your security operation centre (SOC) structured and managed and what are you biggest SOC operations challenges?
How are you working to reduce SOC analyst turnover and burnout?
How are you navigating your organizations cloud or digital transformation programmes? Are you finding any security technology has become obsolete in the transformation process?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Julian Waits General Manager, Cybersecurity Business Unit , Devo
Julian Waits is General Manager, Cybersecurity Business Unit at Devo Technology. He has 30+ years in… Find out more
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