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Realizing Europe’s 5G communication infrastructure leveraging geospatial data

11th December 2020 | 11:00am - 12:30pm CET
How can Location Intelligence help to realize Europe’s 5G communication infrastructure?

The field of location intelligence has developed significantly in recent years. Today, many organizations harness highly accurate geospatial data and advanced location technology to address a wide range of business needs, and the Telecom Industry is no exception.  In this executive roundtable, we consider the vital role location intelligence can play in building out the communication infrastructure of Europe in the 5G era.

For many new network topologies and spectrum bands, building out the 5G infrastructure is expensive and therefore choosing where to invest is critical to achieving a healthy ROI.

A big part of the cost of deploying 5G infrastructure stems from the network planning involved, such as determining the optimal locations for network equipment, performing site surveys, acquiring the real estate that hosts infrastructure, and extending the fibre to support the densification of cell sites as topologies evolve from utilizing macro cells almost exclusively to the advent of wide scale small cell deployment.

Harnessing the power of the higher 5G spectrum bands has a two-fold impact on deployment cost. The propagation characteristics require more hardware to be purchased, increasing CAPEX. Deploying more cells per km2 means more truck rolls and field work, increasing OPEX.

Another implication of the complexity and densification associated with these types of next generation networks is that time to service and time to revenue tend to be extended as compared to previous generations.

Can Location Intelligence help to address some of the challenges and reduce the cost and time to market of 5G Infrastructure deployment in Europe?

Join HERE Technologies and a select group of telecommunications executives to discuss how the power of location can help to make more informed network planning decisions and improve the ROI of the 5G infrastructure of Europe.


Discussion Topics

The current state and outlook of the communication infrastructure of Europe (network densification)
The key players and their roles in realizing the 5G Infrastructure (site aggregators, regulators, MNOs)
The role of location intelligence in realizing the 5G Infrastructure (where to invest, enabling network planning and deployment)
Network planning and deployment a. Small cell site selection b. 3D Propagation modelling c. Fixed wireless access planning and deployment
The cost and benefits of location intelligence

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