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Real-time retail

6th October 2020 | 2:00pm BST
How has your organization adapted to shifting market conditions and consumer expectations?

Consumer behavior is changing. Consumers are demanding unique, seamless, and personalized customer experiences in-store, online and in real-time. They’re seeking digitally enabled products and services. Consumers expect a path to purchase with engaging content, at every touch point, which presents many challenges. The challenges include: legacy systems and technology hurdles including e-commerce integration, and a need for flexible and nimble supply chains, among others.

The path to ‘real-time retail’ is a strategic initiative empowering your teams to make informed and predictive decisions to contemplate every step of the customer journey. Remaining relevant and competitive requires an intelligent network to meet the demand and accelerate growth. So, how are you responding to changing consumer behavior?

Join James Hughes and Caleb Thomson with Verizon and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss consumer trends, creating exceptional customer experiences and the transformation path toward real-time retail.


Discussion Topics

How are you moving away from legacy systems to adopt technology to enable experiential retail?
How are you ensuring your supply chain is flexible and elastic while dealing with disruption in demand patterns?
How are you generating data from your customers and their in-store experiences that can be used to bring the experience home to consumers to drive overall traffic and revenue?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Caleb Thomson Principal Consultant Prof Services, Verizon
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Thought Leader
James Hughes Director Business Development, Verizon
James is a fully qualified accountant with over 10 years working in Finance. His last financial… Find out more

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