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Preparing for the new normal: building a digital first organization

12th November 2020 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm SGT
How are you building resilience in the face of disruption?

Businesses today face more uncertainty than ever. COVID-19 has identified any existing vulnerabilities and put immense pressure on employees, systems, processes and supply chains, forcing organizations to consider their preparedness for inevitable future disruption.

During the pandemic, it was estimated that five years of business and consumer digital advancement occurred in just eight weeks (McKinsey 2020) – a step organizations inevitably took to both protect their businesses, and also emerge stronger than their competitors.

It is clear digital transformation is no longer innovation for its own sake. It is crucial for every business to respond quickly and adapt, and to become more resilient, more flexible and more prepared to drive recovery.

So, how can we make our businesses ‘future ready’? What clear and actionable steps can we take to protect employees and customers, manage through periods of uncertainty and identify technology investments that maximise company growth and differentiation?

Join VMware and a group of IT experts to discuss how your digital transformation initiatives are evolving in the face of disruption while providing resilience, flexibility and recovery in the face of future challenges.

Discussion Topics

What were your main challenges in delivering business continuity for critical services, operations and personnel through COVID-19?
How did you respond to enable a remote workforce? And what challenges remain in supporting distributed employees?
What does an ideal ‘digital first’ model look like to you? Which agile systems and architectures would you look to extend to help ensure resiliency and future growth?
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