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Post-COVID-19 acceleration of digital transformation for essential retailers: improving the top line through AI and Computer Vision

27th November 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm GMT
How are you creating contactless working and shopping environments for your employees and consumers?

COVID-19 has significantly accelerated retailers’ need for digital transformation and highlighted a shift in both consumers and employees’ preferences. In this new world where health and safety are paramount, employees and consumers are looking for contactless shopping experiences on their own devices.

New retail trends are emerging out of the coronavirus pandemic that leverage mobile scanning technology. For retailers it means reconsidering the use of shared, dedicated scanners instead putting  smartphones in the hands of each employee. For consumers smartphones unlock new experiences, such as augmented reality overlays while looking at items in your store and mobile checkout scanning for contactless forms of payment.

AI and Computer Vision are now, more than ever, a great ally to support retailers’ efforts to meet these new needs, enabling an extra level of flexibility that is a must in uncertain environments, and thus shaping the future of Retail. How are you adapting to the new normal and ensuring employee welfare and customer safety are top priorities?

Join Scandit and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss contactless working and shopping to scale quickly, easily and affordably while keeping everyone safe.

Discussion Topics

Acceleration of digital transformation projects - utilizing contactless self-scanning solutions and mobile order fulfilment operations, post-COVID, how many of these changes will stick?
The use of Computer Vision on smartphones and using AR. How does that support the move to bringing physical and digital together?
How do you drive a more seamless multi-channel approach?
How can brick-and-mortar stores optimize their order fulfilment process?
Customer satisfaction is everything – especially when it comes to product availability. What role do retail employees play?

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Thought Leader
Christian Floerkemeier CTO, VP Product and Co-Founder, Scandit
As CTO and VP Product, Scandit co-founder Christian Floerkemeier is responsible for Scandit's product strategy and… Find out more
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