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Pivoting strategy and processes in B2B to reach your customers and create digital experiences to grow your business

26th January 2021 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm CET
How are you becoming a digital first manufacturer to create seamless customer experiences and engagement across sales and marketing channels?

Heightened customer expectations have changed the way B2B organizations do business. The landscape continues to evolve, end users demand attention, and distribution channels are changing.

Competing in the new world of B2B requires agile digital capabilities that enable you to do more with less. Digital transformation in communications can help turn challenges into new opportunities, support marketing, sales, and business in a difficult environment. How are you digitizing communications to reach customers and provide seamless experiences? How can you stay in contact with your audience in these challenges times while facing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions?

Join Adobe and a select group of your peers as we discover how B2B brands are investing in customer experience to get ahead of the competition with new strategies, processes, and mindsets.

Discussion Topics

How are you digitally transforming your communications to reach customers on multiple channels?
How are your communications supporting new opportunities, marketing, and sales?
How are you using automation in your marketing and customer communications?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Julian Kramer Chief Experience Ambassador, EMEA, Adobe
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