Technology - Virtual Roundtable

Opportunities and best practice for becoming AI native

18th January 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm GMT
How are you driving real value from your ML/AI investments to achieve a 10X ROI in 2021?

There is widespread consensus that a handful of key enabling technologies will be the engine of the next phase of exponential commercial progression, from quantum computing to blockchain, by delivering efficiencies, outcomes of choice and centre stage among these technologies is Machine Learning (ML).

Appsbroker recently ran a 2020/21 benchmarking report for ML and AI and some key findings emerged:

  • 57% of companies expect to invest > £1m over the next 2 years
  • ML is expected to deliver a 10X ROI
  • 39% of companies are escalating their ML initiatives prompted by COVID-19
  • Lack of in-house skills is the number 1 challenge for companies delivering ML (cited by 44% of companies)
  • 2X the number of companies (40%) see ML as enhancing rather than replacing human roles
  • For 68% of businesses ML sits within their IT or Data Capability
  • Just 16% of companies have integrated ML into their commercial operations.

For many, ML is still sitting on the fringes and not adequately positioned front and centre in the commercial heart of the organisation. So, how do you overcome the challenges and move your organisation to the next level?

Join Appsbroker and Intel as we discuss everything you need to know about wide-scale machine learning adoption in the UK to drive business outcomes, increase revenues, drive efficiencies and improve customer retention and value. ML – It’s NOW a thing, not a future thing.

Discussion Topics

How do you perceive ML/AI within your industry and within your business specifically?
What struggles and successes have you had with trying to deliver value with an AI/ML team?
What would you do differently now with what you know?
What are the biggest barriers you still face to truly being an AI-native organisation?
What will be your biggest drivers for AI/ML in 2021?
Where does the responsibility sit for AI and ML in your organisation and do you think this is right?

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