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Multi-cloud: delivering digital innovation at the speed of business

24th March 2020 | 3:00pm GMT |
Join five senior leaders and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today...

Are you one of the 93% of organisations working across multiple clouds? Is that creating the 30-40% savings you should expect on your public cloud elements?

Today’s IT and finance leaders must radically reassess their methods of delivering technology together. Indeed, IDC has shown that the traditional C-level roles have needed to alter their approach to meet business driven expectations: CIOs are becoming more strategic, and the CFO is expected to understand technology drivers.

The journey towards a multi-cloud environment is a great example of how this relationship is evolving. The key benefits of a multi-cloud transformation should focus around the issues of siloed innovation and removing operational complexity and operation. Traditionally, costs were focused around upfront investment, which was measured against TCO or ROI of business successes. With most business applications it was about measuring the needs of the workplace and your customers, and building the best environment to deliver it.

Multi-cloud changes that dynamic by delivering full flexibility of both capital and operational expenditure models, to bring long-term investment for new services and applications. In other words, finance is no longer a blocker to experimentation and innovation, and multi-cloud has become the “master-key” to driving digital innovation. Finance and IT are working in lockstep.

Join us for this Co.Lab roundtable, in partnership with Meet the Boss, where we will discuss the opportunities for change with your peers. We will help you understand the evolution of leadership roles across industries. More importantly, we will uncover how a multi-cloud approach drives digital innovation.

Discussion Topics

How do we move from a mindset of being primarily driven by CAPEX/OPEX concerns, to one driven more by innovation? What hurdles need to be overcome in order to become more innovation-driven?
Users and customers alike today expect access to compute and apps everywhere, anytime. What are the tools, technologies and platforms that can help improve agility and deliver at “the speed of business”?
Multi-cloud is less about technology and more about establishing the right methodologies. How can a true multi-cloud methodology securely and flexibly deliver on the ever-increasing expectations of your business and its customers?
Siloed platforms, data and management systems are all blockers to business agility – yet operating across multiple cloud platforms is a reality for most organisations. How do we avoid recreating the mistakes of previous siloed environments in today’s multi-cloud world?
Adam Burns Senior Editor & Presenter, Meet the Boss
Adam has interviewed over 500 business and thought leaders, including Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer, vice president… Find out more
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