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Most financial services company are also app companies: How are you enabling amazing mobile innovation to happen through the secure delivery of data, content and experiences?

1st February 2021 | 10:00am - 11:30am PST
How are you enabling amazing mobile Innovation to happen through the secure delivery of data, content and experiences?

It has been said that fintech threatens to eat bank and insurance’s lunch – taking market share from the big banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies, etc. Innovative mobile services are one of the key drivers behind fintech’s success so far.

Financial service companies are good at many things – they have lots of expertise in securing their back-end systems – they do it well. Where they sometimes struggle is in realizing mobile is different. It requires a subtly different mind-set, different user experiences, different tools and different techniques.

Virtually every company today is in the app business yet ~85% of financial apps on the market today lack the security required to meet the strict compliance requirements. Unsecured apps can be easily reverse-engineered and the precious IP or PII data within them are at risk to hackers. After doing the hard work of creating an engaging app and bring it to market, can you afford to leave it unprotected?

Many banks and financial institutions think their current security is doing a great job, yet how do you know? Why are hacking attacks on the rise in the financial services sector. Clearly there is a gap between perception and reality.

Join Verimatrix and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss the new frontier of mobile app protection used by today’s leading banks, fintech start-ups, credit card companies and payment processors – and learn how to provide a seamless customer experience while securing and enabling the connected future.

Discussion Topics

Securing mobile apps from hackers
Tap-to-pay security
Going beyond conventional security solutions with modern, frictionless, people-centered security

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Christopher Rae SVP of Sales for Asia, Verimatrix
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Thought Leader
Jouni Welander Head of Shielding Product Sales, Verimatrix
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