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Leveraging the full power of data in healthcare

25th February 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm EST
How to optimize data liquidity, allowing healthcare professionals to focus their expertise on patient care?

The healthcare industry has been under significant strain in recent months.  The global response to COVID-19 has dramatically impacted health organizations, affecting technology investment over the short and long term, and emphasizing the benefits of digital transformation and data liquidity.

Digital transformation is maturing across the health ecosystem, with organizations increasingly leveraging analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies to modernize the infrastructure that was designed to help evolve and improve health outcomes.

The challenges? Today’s health systems are often isolated and cannot grant universal, secure access to data and medical imaging, resulting in unsecure data storage and transfer.  Disparate systems across the continuum are not communicating with each other, preventing holistic care decisions.  And patient volume and modality complexity are creating high volumes of images to efficiently read and manage.

But there is a delicate balance between concentrating on patient care and allocating resources to improve the future outlook of health services. How can we maximize value while minimizing risk and improve patient care while managing costs?

Join IBM Health and a select group of industry experts to discuss how to create a patient-centric, cost-effective ecosystem that combines data and technology to transform patient care. Participate in an interactive discussion on how to leverage the potential of data and harness the power of innovation to transform your organization.

Discussion Topics

What challenges have you identified related to managing, accessing, and gaining insights from data?
Have you explored gaining efficiencies by migrating your organization’s data and applications to the cloud?
How are you ensuring both easy and secure access to imaging data?
How are you capitalizing on insights from data? Are you utilizing advanced analytics or artificial intelligence?
How do you approach the challenge of improving patient care while still managing costs when you’re considering implementing advanced technologies?
What technologies are you exploring to help your organization minimize risk?
Thought Leader
Joe Longo Global Business Leader, IBM Watson Health
Joe Longo is the Global Business Leader for IBM Watson Health Provider. He was an early… Find out more
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