Technology - Virtual Roundtable

How AI technology improves the patient experience

1st February 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
How can you transform clinical documentation from a burden to an asset?

The ongoing global pandemic continues to disrupt healthcare, reinforcing the need to improve physician and patient experiences, quality of care and financial outcomes. However, it also highlights how AI-powered technology, such as ambient clinical intelligence (ACI), can enhance and strengthen human capabilities to deliver transformative results when it prioritizes people over processes.

ACI solutions allow the physician to stay focused on the patient by eliminating the documentation distraction, enabling true patient-centered care while reducing physicians’ administrative workloads.

Physicians using ACI solutions claim they spend more quality time with patients and less time on administrative tasks while improving documentation quality. Patients also report feeling that they have their doctors’ undivided attention without a keyboard and computer in the way. So, how can you provide a more seamless experience for both the patient and the physician?

Join Nuance Communications and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore your challenges and how you can give your health systems a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining top clinical talent, and meet patients rising expectations of personalized care.

Discussion Topics

How are you leveraging technology to alleviate physician burnout?
What are your challenges in delivering personalized care?
How can you reduce time spent on documenting care?
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