Technology - Virtual Roundtable

From strategy to implementation – how grocers are leveraging mobile technology to drive growth and profit

11th January 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
How are you digitally transforming to meet the changing needs of your customer while equipping your employees with the technology to meet those needs and deliver a seamless customer experience?

The pandemic brought about a long-awaited surge in online grocery shopping, growing 40% in 2020. Its clear customer expectations have changed for solutions like curbside pickup/BOPIS, delivery, and contactless transactions. This accelerated transformation is creating an overwhelmingly complex mobile environment.

As grocers look at this complexity, it is now more critical than ever to have visibility and integration across the entire supply chain to deliver a seamless customer experience. How are you adapting?

In this session, we’ll provide a day-in-the-life view of how grocers are leveraging innovative mobile solutions to deliver a next-gen shopper experience, from the warehouse to the store floor to the customer and beyond.

Join Stratix and a select group of your industry peers as we explore how to integrate, implement and manage the right tools to deliver a seamless customer experience, automating certain tasks to become more efficient and preparing your organization for future disruption.

Discussion Topics

How are you deriving value from a connected workforce that is digitally enabled to drive sales, improve merchandising and productivity?
How are you using mobile technology to unlock loyalty and drive revenue growth?
How are you implementing a mobile-first strategy across your brand from the warehouse to the customer?
How are you managing an increasingly complex mobile infrastructure addressing speed, scale and security?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Dipesh Hinduja Director, Mobile Solution Architects, Stratix
Dipesh Hinduja is the Director of Mobile Solution Architects at Stratix. He has over 15 years… Find out more

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