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From response to recovery to reimagination: understanding what the new normal means for you

21st July 2020 | 10:00am BST | 1 hour
Do you have the right skills, tools and mindsets to cope with what tomorrow will bring?

The past few months has already been dubbed the greatest business transformation experiment in history. Almost overnight, organisations around the world have been forced to pivot to new ways of working as the impact of lockdown measures and the requirement for social distancing has taken effect.

Businesses achieved in days what was previously assumed would take years. They have challenged longstanding assumptions about trust and productivity, and asked new questions around security and resiliency. And they have done so at a scale and speed hitherto undreamt of.

And beyond the immediate operational concerns, there is also now an opportunity – and an imperative – to become stronger, better, more productive businesses going forward. Organisations will need the agility to operate in an uncertain and fast-moving environment. They will need to be more responsive to changing customer expectations and demands. And they will need to be better at engaging and empowering their workforces to deliver in that new normal.

Business has changed – perhaps forever. But what comes next? And how do we prepare ourselves now for whatever the tomorrow looks like? Join this virtual discussion, hosted by Meet the Boss in partnership with HPE, to find out.

Discussion Topics

What have been the key learnings from the response phase? What lessons can you take forward as you look to build a more robust and resilient organisation?
How do you move from the response phase to one focused on recovery? What does that mean in terms of organisational change?
How do you prepare for continued volatility? What are the tools, skills, mindsets and ways of working that will help create a more agile business?
What is required from a leadership perspective? What about collaboration/partnership?
How are you reimagining what your business might look like in future? And what can you do now to prepare for that?


Thought Leader
Marc Waters, , HPE MD UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa, HPE
Marc Waters is Managing Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa. In… Find out more
Thought Leader
Mark Lillie Partner, Deloitte
Mark is the Global Technology Strategy & Transformation Leader and leads Deloitte’s Energy & Resources Consulting… Find out more
Thought Leader
Richard Newsome CTO, Sainsbury's
I am one of the CIO’s leadership team at Sainsbury’s Tech, leading the product and engineering… Find out more

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