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Digital workplaces: how to leave information problems at the office

6th November 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am BST
How are you enabling digital workers to access the right information, fast?

Companies must modernize how they work. Otherwise, they risk leaving customers unsatisfied and employees unengaged. Modern work starts with a digital workplace. To build it, most companies have put projects in place. Then, came COVID-19. Digital workplace projects planned to last years compressed into days. Employees who only ever worked in a physical office now work from home. For example, 71% of call center agents work remotely compared to 14% before the global pandemic.


To do their jobs, employees spend hours searching across silos and systems for information. Well-designed digital workplaces can keep these problems at the office. But too often, companies lack a business strategy and practical design for their digital workplaces. They build a technology ground floor first: clouds, content platforms, apps, and analytics. Next, they hope to transform processes using AI to augment human workers. In reality, these technologies throw off inhuman amounts of data, which overwhelms the people doing the work. Digital workplaces can’t work without information and insights. Intelligent Search provides this missing building block.

Join Sinequa and industry leaders to explore how to build digital workplaces that engage employees. Because employees gain a unified view of their information delivered in a familiar search-based experience they adopt digital workplaces more easily.

Discussion Topics

How did the pandemic reshape your corporate priorities?
How do you think that knowledge management will support these priorities?
How are you staying ahead of the curve?
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