Finance - Virtual Roundtable

Corporate lending: Designing the future

10th June 2021 | 8:00am - 9:30am BST
How can we cope with the existing challenges, whilst putting in place designs for the future of corporate lending?

A Meet the Boss roundtable in partnership with Finastra

Businesses have been forced to do in days and weeks what would otherwise take months or years; to shift rapidly to remote, multi-site working and adapt to new tools and services. It is the ultimate test of resilience, brutally exposing weaknesses in supply chains and processes. The lending industry, for its part, should be experiencing something of a bonanza in the pandemic. In a global economy suddenly starved of revenue and capital, loans are what now makes the business world go round.

However, lending in a changing global economy takes a certain kind of determination and insight; one that sees both challenges and opportunities. By 2025, traditional relationship management will drop in importance, as real time access and value-add services will increase.

Is it time to surpass the status quo? How can banks strike the perfect balance between personalized financial guidance and the high-tech experience they demand? How can financial institutions empower their lending teams to deliver the next wave of innovation? Is cloud technology or a partner ecosystem a way forward? And what will keep banks one step ahead of risks and regulatory changes?

Join Finastra and other select thought-leading peers, to discuss ways to make lending as easy as it should be, so the customers can focus on what matters to them.

Discussion Topics

How can we deal with complex loans sitting in inadequate legacy systems, whilst under pressure to reduce costs in fragmented landscapes that drive a significantly high Total Cost of Ownership?
How can we create a single user experience across all account opening and lending?
What does the digital experience for employees and borrowers look like moving forward?
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Previous Attendees

Fernando Machado
Activision Blizzard
Jennifer Christie
Naveed Tariq
Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Group Innovation Operations,
John Pillar
Line De Decker
Chief Transformation Officer,

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