Marketing - Virtual Roundtable

Consumer strategies to improve lift when acquiring medicare or ACA consumers

12th August 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am ET
How are you connecting customer data to drive acquisition and leveraging digital channels to acquire new healthcare customers?

Personalization is the key to producing experiences that increase levels of engagement and satisfaction, reduce acquisition costs and enable better health outcomes. Consumers expect to be treated as a unique individual along every touchpoint. Delivering hyper-personalized messages at the right time on the right channel all comes down to data.

How are you transforming the way customer experience is delivered? How are you leveraging data when acquiring Medicare or ACA consumers? Next generation solutions are providing a single view of the customer, improving experiences and retention. Machine learning is enabling highly relevant interactions, in the right context across all touchpoints.

Join Redpoint and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss strategies for effective marketing, personalization at scale and connecting customer data to drive acquisition…

Discussion Topics

Connecting and leveraging customer data to drive acquisition efforts
Challenges and solutions for your acquisition programs
Leveraging digital channels to acquire new healthcare customers

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