Technology - webinar Roundtable

Build resiliency with automation and AI

23rd October 2020 | 11:00am EST | 1 hour
In Partnership
How are you utilizing automation and AI to augment your core strengths, supplement your weaknesses and empower your people to focus on what’s important?

Customer demand is volatile requiring the ability to quickly scale up and down, yet the sudden shift to all digital engagement and a remote workforce has most likely revealed gaps in your digital systems. Being resilient in these challenging times requires transforming processes and workflows to optimize employee productivity and ensure seamless customer experiences.

Forward-looking enterprises are utilizing automation and AI to enable remote collaboration using cloud-based process and decision modeling tools to document and improve operational processes while accessing data securely. Intelligent workflow solutions are helping to automate more types of work at greater speed allowing your teams to focus on what’s important rather than spending time on manual tasks. How are you filling urgent technical gaps while laying a solid foundation to future proof operations?

Join IBM and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss digitizing more types of work to help you adapt and thrive by turning momentary challenges into long term opportunities.

Discussion Topics

How are you staying compliant and efficient while moving back to the office or transforming to hybrid work?
How are you reducing the strain of repetitive tasks on knowledge workers so they can concentrate on high value work?
How are you getting the most from AI insights with actionable automation?

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