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Better insights and faster decisions: new ways to achieve data integration

11th December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am ET
What are the necessary tools for users to develop, deploy, and govern the customized integration workflows to meet business requirements?

With increasing volumes of data, there is a real need for companies to be able to sift through that data and turn crucial insights into real-time decisions.  However, many organizations are challenged with having too much data, disparate systems, and not the right tools. So, how can you connect various data sources, applications, devices, and unify your data infrastructure?

Food Manufacturing Company, General Mills, was spending 4-6 hours gathering data and wanted to democratize it and make faster decisions. By using a BI tool, the food company was able to gain insights, reduce costs, and improve brand value, customer interactions, and loyalty. How can you achieve real-time data integration and have seamless connectivity between the different components of your business ecosystem?

Join TIBCO and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore the need for real-time business intelligence and the ability to leverage a wider variety of data sources enabling organizations to embrace new ways to achieve data integration.

Discussion Topics

How are you remaining agile in the current climate?
What are some ways to improve digital customer experience?
How are you turning data insights into real-time decisions?

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Thought Leader
Mark Palmer Senior Vice President Analytics, TIBCO
Senior Vice President and General Manager of Analytics at TIBCO, Mark Palmer holds nearly three decades… Find out more


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