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A new era of remote monitoring for condition management – best practices and ROI

27th October 2020 | 1:00pm EST
How can you quickly deploy remote patient monitoring programs – and why is now the time?

COVID-19 has proven that health care needs to be equipped to monitor, manage and treat patients outside the walls of the health system – particularly those vulnerable populations with existing, chronic conditions. For many healthcare systems deploying remote patient monitoring (RPM) rapidly presents a-number-of challenges and questions.

What tools, devices, and resources are available – and which should I trust? How am I going to manage patient consent, enrollment, and engagement? What are the physician incentives and how do I motivate participation? How do I bill for the RPM CPT codes? What waivers can I take advantage of to get these programs deployed quickly? How can RPM work with our existing workflows, our EHR, and our current telehealth or care management solutions?

Remote patient monitoring can reduce your patient-clinician call times by 63%. It can improve a1c amongst your diabetic population by a full point within 45 days. It can allow you to bill $60 per patient per month – minimum.

Join Validic and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss the challenges and solutions of deploying remote patient monitoring. We’ll discuss and answer what is needed to launch and scale RPM programs quickly – helping organizations think through a population health approach to RPM.

Discussion Topics

How are you currently approaching remote patient monitoring and what are the challenges in scaling these programs across populations?
What technical, operational and/or financial support do you need to grow these programs?
What would make remote patient monitoring a no-brainer to invest in now?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Brian Carter SVP Product, Validic
Brian Carter is the SVP of Product at Validic. Carter has 17 years of experience in… Find out more

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Since 2010, Validic has helped healthcare organizations access and operationalize personal health data for virtual engagement and remote monitoring programs. Validic's scalable, secure solutions help improve operational efficiency and health outcomes by delivering data from hundreds of home health devices… Find out more
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