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Understanding The Cloud Journey Part 2 – Inside the Hybrid Cloud

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Focus Areas

  • 94% of Executives on our digital roundtables agree that the future of cloud is hybrid
  • How do companies manage the evolving relationship with cloud solution providers?
  • As cloud computing matures, IT departments must establish a more strategic to IT operations and service management.
  • The evolving role of the CIO as a service broker

The hybrid cloud is a hot topic in in the world of data and corporate IT discussions. Sure, it offers scalability – but with increased security risks, rising costs and talent sourcing baffling executives, there seems to be just one question rising above the noise: is it worth it?

This eBook contains the highlights from a series of MeetTheBoss roundtables conducted in partnership with HP over the past five months. We take an indepth

look at what hybrid can do for your company – as well as how to thrive in an increasingly mobile environment – and arm you with exclusive insight into the converged cloud arena.