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Transforming Business Communication: A New Approach

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Focus Areas

  • What is the catalyst for change?
  • Implementing change
  • Time for a new approach?
  • The case for collaboration

Business communication as we know it has been disrupted beyond recognition. Social media, mobile devices, big data and the cloud are some of the key disruptors. Technology has transformed the workplace, making it possible to work virtually, to collaborate closely with colleagues thousands of miles away, share information on a real-time basis, and work in ways we never believed were possible.

MeetTheBoss TV and Alcatel Lucent recently hosted a series of roundtables with senior IT professionals. Each session was a 90-minute deep dive into how business communications are being transformed by IT, led by the executives and independently moderated by MeetTheBoss TV.

This ebook gathers the highlights, challenges and learnings from those roundtables, featuring the fruits of three hours of conversation, and the thoughts of 10 senior IT executives on how technology is impacting organisational communication and collaboration.

What does the enterprise really think about business communication? It’s all here.