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Human Resource Management: Training that benefits work

Effective human resource management often requires training so that individuals working in the HR environment are equipped with the newest ideas, tools, and best practices necessary to build an efficient team of working professionals.  Since HR personnel are commonly responsible for hiring, training, and assessing the performance of employees, human resource management training is a worthwhile investment for most companies and organizations; after all, people make up companies, and without them there would be no company.

Basic training in human research management helps those who are beginning in their career to understand the responsibilities they will assume in their role.  Those who work in HR must develop their knowledge in every aspect of human resource management, including compensation and benefits, orientation, training, development, employee relations and performance management.

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Human resource management positions often require that HR professionals further develop their skills in specific areas such as labor relations and behavioral interviewing, as well as specialized training in employment law and diversity.  Today, the human resource manager is not the person responsible simply for hiring workers and keeping their personnel file up-to-date as they were two decades ago; this is why it is essential that individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary today for effective human resource management.

In today’s workplace environment, it is not uncommon for a company to have an entire human resource management team responsible for hiring the right individuals for specific jobs.  This team may also designate the responsibilities of an employee and detail the tasks assigned to that employee.  Without an effective human resource management team, a company is likely to have a hard time building an exceptional group of workers who are dedicated to the betterment of the company.

Effective human resource management may consist of several individuals responsible for different roles within the team such as manager, director and generalist.  The primary responsibilities of human resource management in general lies in meeting the interests and needs of the company, while meeting the needs of the workers simultaneously.  Organizations are constantly changing today; human resource management must constantly evolve as well in order to adapt to changes and remain resilient, keeping the focus on the end result for the company as a whole.

In this video interview, Dan Satterthwaite, Head of Human Resources at DreamWorks Animation defines his own leadership style and how this impacts his own management.

In short, today’s human resource management team is often considered a strategic partner; those who work in the HR manager capacity often contribute to developing business plans across the organization as well as accomplishing objectives.  It’s easy to see that the role of human resource management runs the gamut from hiring and training individual employees to protecting the reputation of the company; those in HR management often find themselves managing or navigating disputes or disagreements between managers and employees in order to come to a solution.

Human resource management today encompasses all aspects of an organization’s people, their activities and their needs, which often includes  everything from recruiting and hiring to performance management, employee relations, building strong teams and leadership.

The HR landscape is changing, and best practices need to be adhered to so that the organization can achieve its goals year-after-year. From a safe and happy workplace, to 360-degree performance management systems – what are the key attributes that define HR success? Find out the thoughts of top HR directors in this human resource management video.

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