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Cloud: Regaining Control of Enterprise IT

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Focus Areas

  • New expectations, new options, new challenges
  • Taking a more proactive approach
  • Gaining cloud control: a step-by-step guide
  • Implementing a service catalogue

Cloud has changed business expectations around speed, cost and agility. Solutions have never been more accessible to increasingly tech-savvy business users – which poses a challenge: how does IT ensure it is seen as the solution, rather than the problem?

MeetTheBoss TV and HP have hosted 24 roundtables with senior IT professionals addressing this very question. Each roundtable is a 90-minute deep dive into the business impact of new models of IT, led by the executives and independently moderated by MeetTheBoss TV.

This ebook gathers the highlights, challenges and learning from 24 roundtables, 36 hours of conversation, and 120 senior IT executives on cloud’s impact on IT leadership – and how it can help organisations become more agile, deliver services that users want and need, and better cope with the pace of change.

What does business really think about cloud? It’s all here.