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Cloud: How the CIO Became a Better Business Partner

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Focus Areas

  • Cloud’s three big impacts
  • Change the DNA to survive
  • The changing role of the IT team
  • Three steps to becoming a better business partner

Cloud computing has changed the relationship between business and IT. User expectations around speed and responsiveness have changed dramatically – and as a result, IT teams are being challenged to become better business partners in order to deliver services that help meet organisational goals.

Over the past 12 months, MeetTheBoss TV and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have hosted nearly 40 roundtables with senior IT professionals to find out exactly how they are doing that. Each roundtable is a 90-minute deep dive into the business impact of cloud computing, led by the executives and independently moderated by MeetTheBoss TV.

This ebook gathers the highlights, challenges and learning from 39 roundtables, 58.5 hours of conversation, and 195 senior IT executives on the CIO can become a better partner to the business.

What does business really think about the cloud? It’s all here.