Zero trust networking and outlook for cloud security

22nd October 2020 | 5:30am BST
How to recognise the symptoms in need of a zero-trust model?

Business transformation is moving at a pace never seen before. Driven by technology disruption, increased threats, and now COVID-19, IT and security leaders are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to protecting cloud data.

Additionally, they now have remote workforces accessing company data from outside the business brick and mortar, making the case for security beyond a common perimeter even more vital.

So, how can we better secure network infrastructure? How can we instill an end-to-end security proposition into the culture of our organizations? And what place does zero-trust architecture have within our security strategies? All whilst moving at speed and with the flexibility to adjust to change.

Join Verizon and a group of security thought leaders to discuss how to evolve your thinking around cloud security, share best practices on the risks and returns of your current strategies and hear how zero trust could revolutionize your remote working security practises.

Discussion Topics

What are your main challenges when it comes to securing the business at scale?
What threat vectors does cloud introduce and how do they impact the risk profile of your business?
How have you adapted to remote working at scale?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Derek Fittler Managing Client Partner, Verizon
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