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You’re sitting on your pilot.

18th September 2020 | 11:00am BST
From CSR to brand missions to product launches you're sitting on your pilot. And telling it is easier than you think.

Consumer demand for fresh, unique content is endless, and brands are having to work harder than ever to drive audience engagement. The volume of videos required, and the agency cost to maintain production, is a huge challenge, not forgetting the media spend needed to promote them.

While the idea of branded content is nothing new, there are innovative ways of working that take the pressure off needing a constant stream of new content and the ‘pay-to-play’ mentality. The emergence of earned media on Over the Top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HULU is one of them, which offers the opportunity to capitalize on the mass audiences these platforms attract.

From reporting on CSR initiatives around the world, to creating a thought leadership documentary fit for the film festival circuit, to creating an OTT series that revolves around a brand truth, we’ll discuss how content goes well beyond the expected and gets picked in various ways. Join us to discuss how to produce content at scale, improve your branded storytelling strategy and tailor your video content to stand out in a saturated market.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing in telling timely, relevant brand stories that drive audience engagement?
Have you considered working with emerging platforms, like Over the Top (OTT), to tell your brand story?
Have you considered leveraging earned media to promote your story?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Derek Rider Chief Executive Officer, Media One Creative
Derek is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Media One Group and Media One Creative. He… Find out more
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