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Workplace wellbeing: how happy employees drive successful businesses

20th January 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST | 1 hour and 30 minutes
How are you supporting your employees’ emotional well-being?

Workplace wellbeing has always been important, however through times of crisis, our ability to respond and adapt depends on the strength of our human and social capacity. Happier people tend to be more productive, resilient and adaptable through moments of great stress.

We spend a third of our waking lives at work, a figure which has undoubtedly risen for a lot of remote employees during COVID-19. Research shows only 62% are happy at work most of the time (Indeed & Forrester, 2020) and, 84% of people believe their moods at home are affected by work. Even less (50%) of people have overall satisfaction with work, which can have a marked effect on business success. The good news? 96% of people believe happiness at work is possible.

So, how can you increase happiness at work? How can you measure well-being levels within your organization? And how can a content workforce drive your business forward?

Join Indeed to find out what actually drives happiness for employees (it’s not what you might think), why now is the opportune time to nurture wellbeing and improve the experience your staff are having while at work.

Discussion Topics

What are your main challenges when it comes to supporting employee wellbeing?
How are you measuring, and working to improve, happiness levels across your workforce?
How has the impact of COVID-19 made you rethink your employee experience strategy to include well-being metrics?
Thought Leader
Carmen Bryant Director of Marketing, Indeed
Carmen is responsible for the development and execution of the integrated marketing plan and go-to-market strategies… Find out more

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