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Work safely in the cloud with Chrome Enterprise

18th June 2020 | 1:00pm BST
How are you enabling remote working that is seamless, secure and promotes productivity?

COVID-19 has been an unexpected catalyst for digital transformation. As social distancing measures were put in place tech teams faced the enormous task of enabling remote workers at an unprecedented speed and scale. That transition most likely revealed gaps in your digital systems. Challenges include delivering end user computing, cost, security and more but as COVID-19 related restrictions ease many organizations may be looking at opportunities to maintain a remote working environment.

As a tech leader, how can you deliver with ease, confidence and make it cost effective? Next generation technologies are mitigating the burden, helping to deliver end use computing in a forward-looking/modern way while leveraging SaaS as a delivery by default.

Join Google Chrome Enterprise and a select group of industry thought leaders as we discuss cost-effective solutions to working remotely, that are easy to deploy and manage no matter where you or your teams are located.

Discussion Topics

Digital transformation
Delivering end user computing to remote workers
Maintaining a secure remote working environment

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Anthony Wicks Chrome Enterprise Specialist, Chrome Enterprise
Anthony joined Google 18 months ago as a Chrome Enterprise Specialist after spending 4 years at… Find out more
Tim Cassidy Host/Moderator, Meet the Boss
Tim is an Emmy award winning journalist who writes, hosts and moderates b2b summits surrounding digital… Find out more
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