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What “good” cloud management looks like

17th November 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am ET
How are you building and managing a strong cloud operations team?

Businesses worldwide are accelerating their journey to the cloud. However, managing the cloud poses many challenges. In fact, 76% of IT managers say they underestimated the time and effort of cloud management, according to a survey by Wakefield Research and Logicworks. Getting cloud management wrong is a big risk for the business and hampers future cloud migration efforts. So, how do you get it right?

Since cloud management is a relatively new field, not many CIOs and CTOs have experience with what “good” looks like in a cloud universe. However, day-to-day cloud management planning should not be overlooked. IT leaders across industries should help each other develop strong cloud practices, procedures, and teams.

Do you feel you underestimated the time and effort of cloud management pre-migration? Have cloud management issues held you back from migrating additional workloads to the cloud?

Join Logicworks and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss your challenges, best practices and potential pitfalls of building and running your cloud infrastructure.

Discussion Topics

What is the difference between running cloud engineering teams versus a traditional on-prem engineering team?
How have you balanced desire for agility with the need for governance/compliance?
Does the time and effort of cloud management hold you back from migrating additional workloads to the cloud?

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