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Virtual account management – A corporate game changer

1st February 2021 | 11:00am - 12:30pm EST
How to transform bank operations and services, leveraging on the benefits and flexibility offered by virtual account management?

84% of corporate customers expect innovative ideas and continuously improving products from their bank. The top two service areas currently under review by organizations in terms of bank satisfaction are “Cash management services” (76,7%) and “Payments” (68,5%). (Source: CGI transaction banking survey, 2019).

The fact that more than a quarter of global cash is not visible to a corporate treasurer daily (Source: PwC “2019 Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey”), makes it cumbersome for companies to make sound financial decisions and withstand economic downturns.

Virtual Account Management is designed to increase cash visibility from a multi-bank perspective. It drives innovative banking services for corporate customers based on self-servicing, to enhance customer propositions despite legacy platform limitations and reduces account administration costs. So, how do you get there?

Join TietoEVRY and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss digital transformation and the potential for banks to build new value propositions and attract corporate customers by exploiting the benefits offered by virtual accounts.

Discussion Topics

How are you building new value propositions to attract and retain corporate customers?
How are you enhancing self-service account management to reduce costs and deliver a seamless customer experience?
How are you overcoming limitations due to legacy platforms?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Jane Strom-Pedersen Senior Sales Manager, Payments & Cash Management, TietoEVRY
Jane has over 30 years of experience in IT and financial services industries. As a senior… Find out more
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