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2nd December 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
How to win in the data decade and create new value?

What if you had the platforms, tools and algorithms to turn your data into meaningful insights?

Today, you can create the individualised experiences customers have come to expect, innovate smarter products to stay ahead of the competition, and develop entirely new data-driven business models, by acting on insights in real-time.

But nobody said it was easy. The volume and types of data are growing. The locations where data is generated are hyper-distributed, the speed it needs to be acted on is increasing, regulatory and compliance requirements mandate more security and governance.

Above that, technology leaders face competing priorities and economic uncertainty. Picking the right areas to advance in your data management strategy is critical.

While few organisations today are truly harnessing their capabilities to drive innovation, those on the leading edge are reaping extraordinary benefits. Every business must become an intelligent business to create compelling value in the data era.

Join Dell Technologies and a select group of IT thought leaders for an interactive roundtable discussing the new realities of data management, how to create new value by monetizing your data through real-time insight all while optimizing IT and business performance.

Discussion Topics

The main data challenges CIOs face today
How to innovate with data and emerging technologies amid disruption
How to execute an advanced data strategy

Your Host

Thought Leader
Greg Moore OEM EMEA Field Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies
Greg is the Field Chief Technology Officer for Dell Technologies OEM Embedded and Edge in EMEA.… Find out more
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