Technology - Virtual Roundtable

Unleashing the power of AI and IoT: why intelligence is your greatest asset

1st December 2020 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
How are you leveraging insights from your assets to improve efficiencies and optimize your operations?

The journey to transforming your business operations increasingly centers on your physical assets –connecting and digitizing them, collecting performance data, and curating it to glean new insights.

But with three in five executives admitting that they struggle to realize value from their IoT initiatives, plus access to assets being limited following the outbreak of COVID-19, getting started –and just as importantly, executing on your efforts –is easier said than done.

Recent research suggests that unplanned asset downtime can cost organizations an average of $260K per hour. Advances in analytics, AI, and hybrid-cloud platforms are combining to deliver enterprise asset management insights that reduce downtime and optimize maintenance, repair, and operations.

So, how can sensors, IoT, and AI work together to help you better understand and manage your assets, workflows, and product lifecycles? How do you identify the right use cases for your business, and overcome both technical and cultural resistance to change? And what does the roadmap for IoT success look like at your organization?

Join IBM and a group of IT and operations leaders for this exclusive roundtable to find out how.

Discussion Topics

What business challenges are you facing in digitizing the operation and maintenance of your physical assets?
Which technologies have you been considering or implementing to help you improve efficiency, safety, and reliability for your enterprise?
How can sensors, AI, and IoT empower your operations and IT leaders with insights into remote monitoring, asset health, and maintenance to improve your business resiliency?
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