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Transforming software from a barrier to a catalyst for business innovation & growth

17th September 2020 | 7:00am BST
How to create and deliver software faster?

Leading organizations are using software as their primary strategic asset as business success increasingly depends on a company’s ability to deliver digital services and software.

As a 2019 Forrester report states, “Using software, hardware, algorithms and the internet, digital business leaders find that it’s 10 times cheaper and faster to engage customers and deliver outcomes that their customers value.”

We believe that those organisations prepared to lean into this challenge will emerge as stronger enterprises, leading their industries into tomorrow. However, many organizations are struggling to align business with IT as becoming a tech company isn’t primarily a tech issue – it’s become a business problem.

Join VMware and a group of IT thought leaders to discuss your software and application development and implementation challenges and how to further develop you IT roadmap and strategy to speed up development, innovation and growth.

Discussion Topics

What challenges are you facing in your current software and application adoption and implementation?
How important are software and applications in your IT strategy and who takes on the ownership of investing and building it within your organisation?
What factors influence your decision in investing in applications to get the best ROI for your organisation?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Kip Cole Vice President, Tanzu, VMware
Kip Cole is the Vice President of VMware Tanzu Sales in Asia Pacific and Japan. His… Find out more
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