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Thrive not survive: can a single strategy reduce your IT spend and enable business growth?

21st August 2020 | 10:00am BST
How can you drive change using digital technology to deliver a positive business impact and increase efficiency?

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, countries, communities, and companies are asking themselves: How do we get back up to speed and recover what has been lost? How do we protect ourselves moving forward? For many businesses it means cutting production, slashing costs, and reducing the workforce. But is that the only solution?

In 2008’s global financial crisis, $22 Trillion in value was wiped off the stock exchange causing many businesses to go bankrupt. However, some companies thrived including Airbnb, Uber and WhatsApp who challenged the status quo and created a new paradigm. Many understood that in times of extreme change, the only strategy is to CHANGE FASTER.

So, how can simplifying your global networks calm your fears about connectivity and network problems while supporting your staff? How can optimizing your internet experience and application performance set you up for success moving forward? How can you reduce complexity and cut costs?

Join Expereo and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how to thrive in the current climate and prepare the network for a digital transformation.


Discussion Topics

How has the pandemic changed your business objectives and how you can achieve them?
How are you transforming and accelerating business growth?
How are you reducing IT and technology spend?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Sander Barens Chief Commercial Officer , Expereo
After joining Expereo 11 years ago and setting up the first international Expereo office in Singapore… Find out more
Thought Leader
John Cruickshank Director, Expereo
John plays a key role in the growth of technology organisations worldwide, having managed both international… Find out more
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