HR - webinar Roundtable

Think outside the (check) box: leveraging your brand to attract diverse talent

25th January 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST | 1 hour
How can you attract a diverse workforce by revisiting your Employer Value Proposition?

Finding the right candidates that tick all the boxes has never been an easy feat for even the most talented recruiters. Companies are also now facing increased workforce scrutiny on their record of diversity hires and leadership makeup. It’s easy to see why recruiters are struggling with finding candidates with the right skillset and curating a diverse and inclusive workforce while staying within the boundaries of time to fill or cost per hire budgets.

To succeed, companies have to adjust their recruiting and hiring strategies to fit this new environment. Now is the time for talent acquisition teams to look inward and re-evaluate their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and how they are communicating their brand across multiple channels. This is particularly the case in promoting multi-generational, gender and racial diversity in the digital hiring process, where messaging guides and video interviewing must be carefully constructed to support unbiased recruitment.

Join Monster and a select group of talent acquisition experts for an interactive webinar to explore how to conduct a brand audit, where to promote your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as tips for unbiased recruitment writing to share with your talent acquisition teams.

Discussion Topics

How are you using your brand to attract and support your company's D&I initiatives?
How are you leveraging digital tools to combat unbiased recruitment and find the right fit?

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