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The road to better engineering products and processes

2nd November 2020 | 1:00pm GMT

The journey to transforming your engineering teams increasingly centers on process – modernization of engineering tools, access to real-time development data, leveraging AI to glean new insights. But with three in five executives admitting that they struggle to develop products on time and on budget, getting started – and just as importantly, executing your efforts – is easier said than done. Also, the ongoing pandemic is creating additional difficulties for executives: ensuring secure, remote access to all product development data globally and the coordination of work as to not duplicate or miss actions.

So, how can adopting an end-to-end engineering lifecycle solution help you manage your development, optimize workflows and ensure your product lifecycles are competitive? What engineering methodologies should you integrate into your development processes? How do you create, manage and engineer products today?

From establishing a credible single source of truth to delivering products to market faster, without sacrificing safety or quality: the challenges facing engineering teams have never been more complex. Join IBM and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss and find out how you can drive greater visibility, efficiency and productivity into that process.


Discussion Topics

How do you create, manage, and engineer your products today?
Where would you see changes to your current development/engineering environment to help product development, time to market and compliance?
What engineering methodologies have you integrated into your development processes?
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