Technology - webinar Roundtable

The rise of virtual care: Exploring the operations, technology, and regulations

22nd February 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm EST | 1 hour and 30 minutes
How are you looking to scale virtual care and remote patient monitoring?

Telehealth is proving to be a strong alternative for in-person visits amidst COVID-19. However, telehealth is only one piece of a truly comprehensive, sustainable, and scaled virtual care strategy.

Patient experience, device monitoring, telephonic check-ins, synchronous and asynchronous chat, and video visits are some of the elements needed. But, how do you bring all of these together into a centralized program of care and the clinical workflow?

This session will explore the technology, operations, and regulatory landscape needed to support and grow virtual care in 2021.

Join this interactive webinar with Validic and a select group of experts in healthcare as they discuss best practices for scaling the use of virtual care to manage capacity issues, deliver better patient experiences and improve population outcomes. This team of leaders will walk through the data needed to manage comprehensive virtual care and how to support these programs with personnel, interoperable technology, and reimbursement opportunities – specifically tapping into the benefits and opportunities with remote patient monitoring.


Discussion Topics

New reimbursement options and regulatory incentives for telehealth, RPM and device monitoring.
How to use technology to create a longitudinal patient care strategy to support broad-scale virtual care deployments.
How to construct virtual care team operations to support RPM and telehealth jointly.
ROI and clinical results derived from broad-scale remote patient monitoring programs.

Your Hosts

Thought Leader
Drew Schiller Chief Executive Officer and Board Director, Validic
Drew Schiller co-founded and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at Validic, the… Find out more
Thought Leader
Angie Stevens Founder, Virtual Insights, LLC
As a leader in Telehealth, and founder of Virtual Insights, LLC, Angie Stevens has a wealth… Find out more
Thought Leader
Robert Jarrin Managing Member, Omega Concern, LLC
Robert Jarrin is a strategic advisor on digital health to companies, associations, and medical organizations. He… Find out more

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