Retail - Virtual Roundtable

The new retail paradigm: connected and contactless

4th February 2021 | 10:00am - 11:30am GMT
Are you leveraging data to unlock exponential value across the retail value chain?

The world is changing and the way we shop has been disrupted. Customers are more informed, have more choices, and are more value conscious and life in lockdown has amplified and accelerated this trend. Consumer shopping habits have further transformed over the last few months with long-lasting impacts.

This paradigm shift in retailing calls for superior differentiating capabilities and dexterity. We are witnessing business models being realigned to new world order.

While the future remains unclear, these times call for resilience and adaptability. As businesses continue to prepare for 2021, retailers that leverage the combinatorial power of humans and machines are poised to thrive.

Algorithmic interventions in core retail areas can help retailers right-size  their categories, hyper-localize assortments, drive smart vendor negotiations, improve personalized experiences, shorten the design-to-rack cycle, speed up last-mile fulfillment, improve availability, and transform store experiences.

Leveraging algorithms to solve a business problem can create a far deeper impact on the future of retail. We call this ‘TCS Algo RetailTM.’

How can you make your business more resilient? How can you realize exponential business benefits by orchestrating data across the retail value chain?

Join TCS and a select group of industry peers to discuss your challenges and listen /share stories of resilience.

Discussion Topics

How are you offering a connected journey across all your channels and touchpoints?
Are you building resilient supply chains?
How are you making margins while ensuring your prices are affordable?
How can you leverage AI to remodel store spaces to adhere to safety norms?

Your Host

Thought Leader
Cheenttan Voraa Head UK & Europe – Retail Strategic Initiatives, Tata Consulting Services
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