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The “new necessary” for managing frontline employees

1st December 2020 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm GMT
What’s your plan for the frontline?

Recent disruption has highlighted a new demand for digitization. While those with an employee communications platform in place were better prepared to weather the storm, the crisis has also brought about great opportunity when it comes to a complete digital workplace that does more.

This is particularly the case for organizations with frontline workers seeking to nurture their relationship with employees whilst driving productivity, retention, and engagement.

We know a digital workplace is one of the largest margin improvement and ROI opportunities to come along in years – even during a pandemic. But how can one built explicitly for the frontline help expand the skill set of hourly workers? How can it contribute to the daily execution of health and safety standards? And how can it accelerate customer experience through enhanced operational agility and employee experience?

Join WorkJam and a group of HR, Operations, Communications, and IT executives for an interactive session addressing the overriding question: ‘What is a “frontline” digital workplace, and what could it mean to the business?

Discussion Topics

What frontline workforce management challenges are you currently facing?
What steps have you taken to create a digital relationship with frontline workers?
How would you describe employee productivity and engagement levels over the last six months, and how do they compare now?

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Will Eadie Chief Revenue Officer, WorkJam
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