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The IBM Data and AI emerging smarter roundtable series

27th August 2020 | 10:00am - 11:30am ET
As we return to the workplace, how are you applying data insights to make informed decisions that will support the health and safety of your people and help your organization modernize data platforms and integrate AI to re-emerge smarter and stronger?

The way we work with data is being reimagined at every level – from where, to how, to what we do. As you return to the workplace you have to ensure everyone feels safe, secure and confident on how to move forward. This presents a unique opportunity to apply data to make informed decisions at the right time.

When evidence-based action plans become available quickly, communities can begin to stabilize. Leaders will feel more confident when they can access the insights they need, when they need it. How are you gathering timely data and using those insights to inform ongoing operations and alert you when change is needed?

Together we’ll explore solutions using the very best in data and AI to manage risks and perform critical functions to keep data and your business operational, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of data and information across the enterprise.

Join IBM and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss how to move beyond uncertainty, modernize and recover, and help your business transform to re-emerge smarter and stronger.

Discussion Topics

How can you engage your customers virtually, mitigate risk and reduce operational costs?
How can you reduce your reliance on multiple tools and platforms, accelerate the move to hybrid Cloud, transform and modernize your data platforms, reduce integration costs, simplify data collection, organization and analysis of data?
How can you build an integrated and aligned set of planning and forecasting, business intelligence tools to drive out cost, build efficiency and accelerate the lifecycle of your data team?
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