Technology - Virtual Roundtable

The future of media & entertainment content in the cloud

19th January 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET
How are you modernizing your legacy systems to super charge growth?

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry is in a constant state of evolution, building new content experiences and creating more efficient ways to capture and retain, locally and globally. The ongoing pandemic has most likely revealed gaps in your digital systems that reduce visibility for your remote working teams, impacting collaboration and stunting growth.

While content and creativity are at the heart of M&E, technology driven by advances in high-speed access, mobility, elastic cloud resources, analytics, machine learning and social network distribution are super charging business growth opportunities while reducing complexity and risk.

Together we’ll discover how to modernize your media supply chain that leverages native and serverless technologies for legacy architecture while applying AI/ML technologies to content lakes, enabling you to have a unified end-to-end solution for traditional broadcast, OTT and digital streaming services.

Join 2nd Watch and a select group of your industry peers as we discuss the journey to cloud, from architecture to migrations, modernization and management all while ensuring innovation and security are top of mind.

Discussion Topics

How are you modernizing applications?
Where are you on your journey to cloud?
How are you tackling legacy systems to optimize efficiencies?
How are you applying AI/ML technologies enabling you to have a unified end-to-end solution for traditional broadcast, OTT and digital streaming services?

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David Bloom Senior Contributor, Forbes.,
David Bloom of Words & Deeds Media is a Santa Monica, Calif.-based writer, podcaster, and consultant… Find out more
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