Finance - Virtual Roundtable

The future of finance: the road to recovery

6th November 2020 | 10:00am BST
How can data-driven insights promote resilience and agility throughout your organization?

The role of the finance leader has always been far-reaching but, following the impact of COVID-19, CFOs have come to realise the future of the business weighs even heavier on their shoulders.

Pulling together recovery plans, balancing cost reduction and building sustainability are mammoth tasks which must be undertaken with an analytical mindset if they’re to succeed in outpacing disruption and the competition.

It’s clear the need to act as a strategic advisor to the business is key in guiding management and aiding collaboration, however cultural challenges and a non-data driven outlook can hinder business progress.

So, how can innovation help support CFOs to meet these unprecedented business challenges? How can they harness a culture of resilience throughout the organization? And how can data insights help promote agility, reduce costs quickly and sharpen forecasts as we look ahead?

Join Oracle and a select group of senior thought leaders to explore your challenges and how to unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth.

Discussion Topics

What is the role of the CFO in becoming a strategic advisor to the business, acting on insights to guide management and work collaboratively with lines of business?
How do you balance cost reduction with plans for recovery so you can build a sustainable and resilient organisation for the medium to long term?
How can you integrate data from across the organisation in a dynamic way to help you plan for multiple scenarios and assess the impact of different assumptions?

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Thought Leader
Nick Jackson Director, Finance and Performance Innovation, Oracle
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